86: Picomac, season 2

A lot has happened since August.

August was when I put Picomac on hiatus. Taking one week to travel after a death in my family spread into two, and then a month, and then more. Daily writing and recording was excellent practice but also draining, so it was a welcome respite. But I never intended it to turn into a cancelation — so thanks to all who stayed subscribed to the feed.

Meanwhile, Apple was busy. iOS 10 went from early public beta to GM to final release. The iPhones 7 were announced and went on sale. There are new Watches, weird new TV features, and finally a slot on the MacRumors Buyer's Guide that doesn't say "DON'T BUY".

In my own Apple world, I finally bought a new iPad (a 9.7" Pro replacing a 3rd generation), waffled on ordering a jet black iPhone, and my iMac is celebrating its first birthday. I've more than acclimated to the features of iOS 10; I've come to rely on them daily, even without 3D Touch. There's so much wild and wonderful Apple stuff that I want to talk about, and I've repeatedly found myself back in the dilemma that led to Picomac in the first place: tweets just don't cut it.

So I'm treating this as Picomac, season 2. As a listener and/or reader, you can expect things to pick up largely where they left off. The most noticeable change will be to the schedule: expect multiple updates per week, but not daily. (You may have noticed that the tagline has changed accordingly.) In compensation, I'm also not going to stick to the 500-word hard cap I used to impose on each update. Things will decompress a bit, but still be bite-size.

It feels fitting to make this change on the eve of NaNoWriMo, one of my initial inspirations for Picomac. I should be on pace to hit 100 updates and 50,000 words by the end of 2016. I may not have time to write and record every single day, but there's always something to talk about. So, how about that new Touch Bar…?