welcome to the internets.

i live on the internet, for both work and play.

it's a lot like living in a big city. there's always something new and exciting, it's full of lots of good people, and if you keep your head up, everything will turn out fine.

a lot of the internet is made of words. for frequent, small doses of words about various geekery, follow my all-purpose twitter, @ecormany. i've segregated my sports neuroses into a separate account, @thesportslog (warning: may contain vitriol, non sequiturs, and curling.)

every once in a while, i decide to write a 2000-word essay for fun. those are on my blog.


i love the concept of making stuff that other people can use. i'm just starting out, but it'll show up here.

BibTeX snippets for TextExpander

i've been tweaking and using these as i build dissbib.bib, my master collection of references for my dissertation. they create full BibTeX entries using fill-in forms, and are optimized for linguists.